Vision and Values


Our purpose is to increase shareholder value by profitably designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling healthcare devices worldwide which improve patient care and outcomes.


Fundamental to our success are these basic values:


We will employ our research capabilities, technical skills and clinical partnerships to design and develop innovative products and therapies which assist healthcare professionals to provide the best possible patient care and outcomes.


Our goal is to be recognised by our customers as a high quality, innovative and efficient supplier. We will earn their respect as the best to do business with through our understanding of their current and future needs.

Our People

We value our family of employees as essential to the success of our company. We aim to develop a long-term trusting relationship with each employee, providing for their welfare, wellbeing and safety, encouraging their contributions and assisting in their personal development and education. In all dealings we will be fair and consistent.

Quality Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement in everything we do, including our administration, marketing, sales, design, service, distribution and manufacturing. Continued innovation and improvement are critical to our ongoing growth.


We view suppliers of goods and services, with whom we wish to develop long-term trusting relationships, as an extension of our company. We expect our suppliers to embrace our quality improvement philosophy in their dealings with us.


We aim to be a company in whom our shareholders have trust and pride. We will keep our shareholders properly informed of our company's performance and prospects. We recognise the need to provide our shareholders with an excellent return on investment, consistent with long-term growth.


All short-term decisions will be consistent with long-term objectives that balance the needs of our people, customers, suppliers and shareholders. Each year these objectives will be widely communicated within our company.


Reflecting our commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, we aim to develop products and manufacturing processes which are as friendly to the environment as practicable.


We will conduct our business at all times in a fair, ethical, consistent and professional manner. We accept our responsibility to be a trustworthy community neighbour and will continue to support community affairs.