An interview with
Dr. Jean-Pierre Frat

Nasal High Flow (NHF) - Clinical research and clinical practice

Dr. Jean-Pierre Frat, chief investigator of the landmark FLORALI study, talks to us about his experience as a researcher and clinician, reflecting on a decade of using NHF. We discuss the practical application of NHF for multiple applications in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure.
An Interview with Jean-Pierre Frat

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The interview in bite-sized pieces

Dr Jean-Pierre Frat NHF Settings
What NHF settings do you start with and why?

(2 min 34 sec)
Dr Jean-Pierre Frat Patient Escalation
How do you monitor patients and make the decision to escalate?

(6 min 09 sec)
Dr Jean-Pierre Frat Approach to Weaning off NHF
What's your approach to weaning patients from NHF?

(1 min 44 sec)
Dr. Jean Frat - NHF in supporting intubation
The role of NHF in supporting intubation

(2 min 59 sec)
Dr. Jean Frat - NHF for post-extubation support
NHF for post-extubation support

(4 min 37 sec)
Dr Jean-Pierre Frat 60 Centre Study
What next? Dr. Frat talks about a new 60-center study hoping to recruit 1,100 patients.

(1 min 52 sec)

Dr. Jean-Pierre Frat (MD, PhD) is currently working in the medical ICU at the University Hospital of Poitiers in France. He works within the ALIVE lab working on non-invasive strategies of oxygenation and sleep disorders in ICU patients. He has conducted several multicentre clinical trials in collaboration with the European network REVA assessing the impact of non-invasive respiratory therapies including the landmark FLORALI study. Currently, he is conducting another important clinical trial, the SOHO study which will assess conventional oxygen therapy and NHF in patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Key clinical studies

These are some of the studies referenced by Dr. Frat during the interview

Frat et al. 2015. NEJM. aka the FLORALI study

Download PDF

Further reading:
Pubmed abstract
Thille et al. 2019. JAMA. aka the HIGH-WEAN study

Download PDF

Further reading:
Pubmed abstract
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