In manufacturing our first and top priority is to provide a healthy and safe working environment, both emotionally and physically. Getting people home safely every day is paramount. We have a Lean and Kaizen mindset and a culture where everyone can actively input into this process. There are lots of things to deal with every day to ensure we get successful outcomes, and managing all these complexities offers lots of challenges and fulfilment. There is a seamless bond between manufacturing and the rest of the business with our campus set up to support this connectivity.

Nese Dhiman
Team Leader, Adult Circuits Manufacturing
Location: New Zealand

“I’ve been here since 2008 but it doesn’t feel that long because I still learn something new every day! The culture here really supports ongoing training and there is a real emphasis on building new knowledge. I feel a lot of support from the senior managers and there is always the opportunity to have your say and contribute ideas. We work shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the business, especially the engineers, to make sure as a team we are doing the best we can.”

Andy Hutsby
Group Team Leader – Maintenance
Location: New Zealand

“I was attracted to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare because of its investment in technology and I was keen to be part of a successful growing medical device company. The culture within RAC maintenance is one of ‘team spirit’ and together we are strong, and capable of achieving our daily challenges. There is a real feel good factor that we are helping patients achieve positive outcomes and I would recommend Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to anyone who is interested in a company that invests and recognises their employees as a valued asset.”