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Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow at the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Introducing Optiflow to the Royal Berkshire Hospital - a multi-department implementation

Explore Optiflow in practice. This video shows the usage of AIRVO 2 and Optiflow High Flow therapy in different departments of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK. It shows the benefits they have found both to the patients and hospital since its introduction.

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(3 minutes long)

Want to discover more about Optiflow High Flow therapy?

Post-Extubation video

Extubation to Optiflow 

This video depicts extubation to Optiflow Nasal High Flow, and is based on the procedure used by Dr. Hernandez and his colleagues' in the following studies:
1. Hernandez et. al JAMA. 2016 (April) and 
2. Hernandez et. al JAMA. 2016 (Oct.) 

Webinar focused
on home use of
Nasal High Flow
in patients with
chronic disease

Associate Professor Ulla Møller Weinreich speaks about
her research on humidified high flow therapy for patients
with chronic disease in this Nasal High Flow webinar.

Primary Outcome (intention to treat analysis)

Primary outcome of humidified high flow therapy for patients graph

Exacerbation rates (of chronic disease) were significantly lower in patients in the NHF + long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) group compared with the LTOT only group

Storgaard LH, Hockey HU, Laursen BS, Weinreich UM. Long–term effects of oxygen–enriched high–flow nasal cannula treatment in COPD patients with chronic hypoxemic respiratory failure. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2018; 13:1195–205.



Flow Matters – Optiflow newsletter.

Keep up to date with the latest in Optiflow HF therapy clinical research.

Flow Matters - Issue 8

Flow Matters

Issue 8

Focus: first published clinical protocol detailing the application of high flow therapy for adult patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Go With Flow - Issue 7

Go with the flow

Issue 7 

Focus: Optiflow post extubation.
Using Optiflow HF therapy to
reduce the risk of reintubation.

Go With The Flow Issue 6

Go with the flow

Issue 6 

Focus: Optiflow HF therapy is
non-inferior to BPAP for
cardiothoracic surgery patients
with or at risk of respiratory failure.