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Introducing the F&P 950 Humidification System.

The F&P 950 is a premium performance humidification system designed to be easy to set up and use, minimize condensate, and provide advanced protection.

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Invasively ventilated adult patient with F&P 950

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is driven by innovation to improve patient care.

Enter the F&P 950, a device that further advances the usability of the MR850. The neonatal mode on this high performing respiratory humidifier can support invasive ventilation, Optiflow Nasal High Flow and Bubble CPAP.

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Premium System Performance

F&P 950 tougher conditions infographic

Premium system performance

The F&P 950 System delivers consistent humidity across multiple therapies in a wide range of environmental conditions.

What happens when humidity drops below 90%?

What happens when humidity drops to 90%?

Suboptimal humidity may cause adverse effects1, watch this video to find out more.

This study, conducted on sheep trachea, illustrates that after 15 minutes exposure to a 10% decrease in humidity. secretion clearance was impaired and debris remained deposited in the airway.

Easy to set up and use

Integrated Probes

Temperature and flow probes have been integrated into the inspiratory limb and sensor cartridge, contributing to easier setup of the F&P 950 System. The integrated patient-end temperature sensor is disposed of with the single-use circuit, eliminating the need for disinfection or sterilization.

Touch Screen

When a neonatal breathing circuit is connected a neonatal-specific mode is automatically activated.

Fewer Assembly Connections*

The number of connections is limited to enable easy assembly and decrease the potential for system alarms due to incorrect setup.

*As compared to the F&P 850 System 

Minimal Condensate

Thermadapt™ technology

The 1.75-meter-long neonatal inspiratory limb incorporates Thermadapt technology which eliminates the need for an unheated extension. This technology enables independent heating of two zones within the inspiratory limb, and allows the F&P 950 System to automatically adapt to the different temperatures in incubators, warmers, or the ambient environment.

AirSpiral™ inspiratory

AirSpiral technology protects humidified gases from the ambient conditions using insulating pockets of air and integrated wall heating along the length of the inspiratory limb. Compared with a conventional inspiratory limb, this technology helps to reduce the formation of condensate, while the smooth bore internal walls improve resistance to flow.

Evaqua 2™ expiratory

Evaqua technology minimizes condensate by allowing humidity to freely permeate through the wall of the expiratory limb while preventing the diffusion of pathogens. Compared with a conventional expiratory limb, this technology decreases condensate in the expiratory filter and helps to reduce ventilation issues caused by mobile condensate.





SensiDomes are silicone covers that stretch over the temperature and flow probes attached to the sensor cartridge and are embedded within the wall of the humidification chamber. These provide a microbial barrier between the probes and the humidified gases, while allowing accurate measurement to occur. The probes are not exposed to humidified gases, so disinfection or sterilization is not required.

Intuitive alarms

Animations or text are displayed on the touch screen when the device enters an alarm state, clearly communicating the corrective action required to troubleshoot the device.

Supporting therapy transition across the neonatal care continuum


Using the F&P 950 System has flow-on outcomes in several areas:

 Patient care 



If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of the F&P 950 and the potential savings, contact your F&P 950 sales representative.

Read the clinical evidence on heated humidification, neonatal Nasal High Flow and infant CPAP.

Read the clinical evidence on optimal humidity and invasive ventilation, nasal high flow therapy, and noninvasive ventilation.

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