F&P Infant Respiratory Care Continuum™

Precious new life deserves the best possible start. 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers a comprehensive humidified respiratory solution for all therapies in the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum. From first breath to respiratory independence, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers key therapies to nurture life.

Infant respiratory care continuum

Humidity and the Continuum

Humidification is central to the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum. In delivering humidification along a continuum of care we ensure optimal outcomes for clinicians and patients by restoring natural balance.

  • For Infants; our design innovations protect compromised lungs and reduce risks to nurture life. This focus ensures that precious neonatal energy is reserved for growth and development.

  • For Clinicians; a systematic approach to therapy solutions translates to efficient delivery of care and improved patient outcomes.

Respiratory care - Toby's story

Toby's Story

At every point of the Care Continuum, humidified solutions help to emulate the natural physiological balance in healthy, mature lungs. As a result, caregivers can nurture life, confident they are using the best therapy solutions, delivered in the safest, most efficient ways.

As an infant’s needs change, so does the configuration of the therapy system. The F&P Infant Respiratory Care Continuum illustrates our family of solutions. Toby's story is a wonderful example of the care continuum in action.