Information & Communication

In ICT we pride ourselves on having a strong understanding of technology with the know-how to make sure what we do supports our company growth. We value excellence in everything that we do and create solutions that delight our customers in a way that makes them want to come back. We aren’t a faceless, back-office team but a group of business leaders with relationships being at the forefront of everything we do. 

Tim Jansen
Project Manager, ICT Administration
Location: New Zealand

“The culture at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is collaborative, committed and team focussed. The strength of the team is each individual, and the strength of each individual is the team. It is rewarding and self-satisfying knowing that the time and effort we commit each day not only goes towards growing our company, but ultimately makes peoples’ lives better. There is a true sense that we are working towards a greater good.”

Katrina Donald
Engineering Systems Support Engineer, ICT Development
Location: New Zealand

I have been at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare for just over a year. I was attracted to a unique opportunity with an ICT team that works with many different business functions including manufacturing and product development. I have found the culture here to be friendly and supportive with a beautiful campus, great food and top-notch people. There’s a sense of community with events such as social sports clubs, quiz nights and an annual ball.”