MR860 Surgical Humidification System

The MR860 Surgical Humidification System consists of the MR860 Surgical Humidifier and ST310 Humidified Insufflation Kit.

Designed for the delivery of warm, humidified CO2 during laparoscopic and open surgery

Product Features

  • Large capacity chamber: For at least 6 hours of operation
  • Standard connectors: Integrates with current insufflators and cannulae
  • Universal operation: Automatic mode detection for laparoscopic & open surgery
  • Powerful heating system: Humidifies high flows used in open surgery
  • Actively heated tube: Maintains the temperature and humidity of the gas until it is delivered to the patient interface
  • Thermally insulated tube: Prevents the loss of heat and humidity to the theatre environment

System Components

MR860 Surgical Humidifier

ST310 Humidified Insufflation Kit


HumiGard™ System Set-up

MR860 Surgical Humidification System Setup

Watch the Setup Video

This animation will take you through the simple steps in setting up the F&P Humigard™ MR860 Surgical Humidifier and the ST310 Humidified Insufflation Kit for laparoscopic and open surgery.

Ordering Information

Code Product Description
MR860  Surgical Humidifier
ST310  Humidified Insufflation Kit (box of 10)
ST300DF VITA-diffuser™ - Diffuser for the delivery of warm, humidified CO2 in open surgery (box of 10)