COVID‑19 Resource Center 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted healthcare organizations around the world.

This resource center has been created to provide affected hospitals and healthcare professionals with information they may need to treat patients when using Fisher & Paykel Healthcare products.

Last Updated: 11 February 2021, 10:55AM (NZDT)

The F&P Respiratory Care Continuum illustrates the breadth of respiratory therapies patients may require when in need of respiratory assistance. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the most up-to-date WHO guidelines and your local policies for specific clinical guidance and considerations for infection control.

Key information

Nasal High Flow Therapy (NHF)
(updated Feb. 4th, 2022) 

This regularly updated edition of Flow Matters reviews evidence related to the impact of NHF on COVID-19. 

Heated Humidification
The use of heated humidification for healthcare professionals managing COVID‑19 patients. 

Efficiency of Filters and F&P Evaqua™ 2
The viral and bacterial filtration efficiency of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Filters and F&P Evaqua™ 2 Circuits. 

CPAP Therapy for OSA
COVID-19 and CPAP therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Guidance for CPAP Users and Healthcare Professionals.  

Pediatric Therapies
Considerations for the management of neonates, infants, and children with suspected or confirmed COVID‑19.

Reprocessing Single‑Use Products
Guidance on reprocessing single‑use products and use beyond stated duration of use.

Frequently asked questions

Due to increased worldwide demand for ventilators, we are regularly getting requests regarding ventilator equipment. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare does not manufacture mechanical ventilators. We produce other respiratory support and humidification products, and associated consumables.

Using improvised materials and configuring Fisher & Paykel Healthcare products in a manner that is outside their intended use raises some concerns around the safety and efficacy of our devices.   

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare products are rigorously designed and tested before they are used by patients. We understand healthcare professionals may have to improvise to find solutions to cope with COVID-19. However, we cannot attest to the safety or performance of our devices when they are used in unapproved ways.    

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare recommends extreme caution when using filters and valves in unapproved or improvised ways. Resistance to flow, filter efficacy in different conditions, instrumental dead-space, flow dynamics through the system, and the potential for gas-trapping are just some of the important safety factors healthcare professionals should consider. 

Setup guides

Below is a collection of five videos and a Fitting Guide that will provide you with information on how to set up the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Airvo™ 2 and Optiflow + nasal cannula. 
AIRVO™ 2  Introduction

Airvo 2 (Part 1):

A description of what the Airvo 2 is, how it works, and the philosophy behind the use of an active heated humidifier to provide Optimal Humidity. 


AIRVO™ 2  Set-up

Airvo 2 (Part 2):

A step-by-step guide to setting up the Airvo 2, and an introduction to our range of interfaces. 


AIRVO™ 2  Use

Airvo 2 (Part 3):

How to operate the Airvo 2, including guidance on how to adjust key settings such as flow, temperature, and how to add supplemental oxygen (if required). 


AIRVO™ 2  Reprocessing

Airvo 2 (Part 4):

How to clean and disinfect the Airvo 2, reprocessing it through high-level disinfection for use on the next patient. 


Optiflow+ Fitting video

Fitting the Optiflow + Nasal Cannula

Learn how to effectively fit the Optiflow + nasal cannula by watching this instructional video.

Optiflow + Nasal Cannula Fitting Guide

Learn how to effectively fit the Optiflow + nasal cannula by downloading the Fitting Guide.

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