AirSpiral™ tube
for less condensate*

The AirSpiral tube produces up to  
93% less condensate*
than a previous AIRVO™ tube.

Less condensate may reduce interruptions to therapy.

*When compared with AIRVO tube 900PT501 in internal F&P testing


We’ve all seen it happen before. When warm, humid gas touches anything even a fraction of a degree colder than itself (i.e. dew point), it cools and generates condensate. We see it often in conventional breathing tubes made of thin, dense plastic: their surfaces are easily cooled by the outside air, resulting in unpleasant “rain-out”.

The new AirSpiral heated breathing tube for AIRVO utilizes an advanced two-spiral design to help protect against condensate:

The heating spiral contains heater wire to warm the breathing gas inside the tube.

The insulating spiral uses a bubble of warmed air around the breathing gas to shield it from the outside environment. 

Like a double-paned window, the inside and outside surfaces of the tube are physically separated, to reduce cooling and helps maximize the level of humidity remaining in the gas all the way to the patient. 


An AIRVO tube that connects to both Optiflow™ and Optiflow junior interfaces


Optiflow+ Cannula

A nasal cannula designed with patient comfort and clinician confidence in mind.

Optiflow Junior Cannula

Next generation care for our smallest AIRVO customers.

Optiflow+ Tracheostomy Interface

An interface designed to deliver optimally humidified gas directly into the tracheostomy.

Optiflow+ Mask Interface Adapter

Connects to tracheostomy mask interface with a standard 22 mm medical taper.

Usability benefits

Tubing clip

Tubing Clip

The molded clip attaches to clothes or bedding to allow positioning of the tube during use.

Ergonomically designed

Ergonomically Designed

Molded grips at both ends of the tube assist connection and disconnection.

Integrated temperature sensor

Ergonomically Designed

No external probes, cables or adaptors required.

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Product Codes

Part No. Description Quantity
900PT561 AirSpiral tube and chamber kit for AIRVO (compatible with OPT316, OPT318, OPT9XX interfaces) 10 pack