Toby's Journey to Health

Toby started life much too early. At 720 grams his vulnerability was plain to see. His worried Dad could even place his wedding ring around Toby’s ankle.

Thanks to a dedicated care team and advanced respiratory therapy solutions, Toby was flourishing at home only 60 days after failing to take his first breath spontaneously.

Optimal Humidity played a big part in Toby’s recovery. At every step of his journey, humidity helped to deliver optimal outcomes, heighten comfort and support Toby’s growth and development.

Toby’s journey to health is a modern-day medical miracle. It’s also a familiar story as every day, all around the world, thousands of tiny Tobys receive life-saving respiratory support.

From Toby’s first breath, the F&P Infant Respiratory Care Continuum™ facilitated his transition from immature and supported lung function to respiratory independence. Here’s how:

Toby's Timeline
Day 1 - Toby's story

Day 1

Toby wasn't breathing when he was born and was resuscitated safely with T-Piece Resuscitation. Precise, controlled pressures were used to help protect Toby's delicate lungs. Once in the NICU, Toby began his 22-day treatment on invasive ventilation.

Days 1-22 - Toby's story

Days 1 - 22

Optimal Humidity helped during this Invasive Ventilation phase, supporting Toby's airway defense functions and ventilation. Fortunately Toby was able to receive a lot of nursing contact with his parents, and nurses encouraged vital bonding. Once Toby was spontaneously breathing, he was weaned to CPAP.

Days 22-34 - Toby's story

Days 22 - 34

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) combined with Optimal Humidity enhanced his breathing support and protected his lungs. After 12 days, Toby began cycling between CPAP and Nasal High Flow via nasal cannula. At last kangaroo care could begin!

Days 35-41 - Toby's story

Days 35 - 41

Nasal High Flow (NHF) helped relieve pressure on Toby's delicate nose. Soon enough he was able to transfer to a low acuity room on NHF at 4 L/min. The combination of optimal humidity and a nasal cannula provided comfortable and effective delivery of greater oxygen flows than what could have traditionally been delivered.

Days 42-60 - Toby's story

Days 42 - 60

After one week on NHF, Toby was weaned down to Low Flow Oxygen therapy. The addition of Optimal Humidity improved Toby's comfort while optimizing his mucociliary clearence. Once feeding routines were established, a flourishing Toby and his parents said an emotional goodbye to the NICU staff!

Please Note: Although names and images have been changed to protect the identity of the family, this material is based on actual events.