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F&P Icon+ Auto

Technology for a better night's sleep.


Auto-adjusting pressure for a more personalized treatment as you sleep.

ICON™+ Auto uses an auto-adjusting algorithm to check for flow limitations, such as those that occur with sleep apnea. When an event occurs, the algorithm increases pressure until the obstruction clears or the maximum pressure setting is reached.

ThermoSmart™ technology for more humidity and comfort
SensAwake™ responsive pressure relief to provide better overall sleep
Auto-adjusting pressure for the delivery of on-demand pressure when needed

This illustration shows how your breathing flow is interrupted if you experience hypopnea (when you take in shallow breaths for 10 seconds or longer) or sleep apnea (a condition in which your breathing constantly stops and starts).

ICON+ Auto automatically adjusts the flow of air to match your personalized needs. It can also help those who are experiencing:

•  pressure intolerance

•  REM or positional sleep apnea

•  returning symptoms after long-term CPAP* use.

ICON+ Auto's core features

ThermoSmart humidification and heated hose: Technology that allows humidity to be delivered throughout the night, regardless of the ambient temperatures.

SensAwake technology: We generally breathe irregularly when moving from sleep to being awake. This technology monitors that irregularly and reduces pressure levels for a smooth transition out of sleep.

Auto algorithm: An auto-adjusting algorithm checks for flow limitations, such as apneas and hypopneas, and then increases the pressure levels until the event is cleared.

Ramp feature: This enables the air flow to start at a lower pressure than the one prescribed to enable users to transition into sleep comfortably.

Alarm clock and tunes: The compact ICON+ Auto is able to play music and also features an alarm.

F&P ICON+ Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide for your Icon+ Auto

Getting to know your Icon+ Auto

Getting to know your Icon+ Auto

How to Clean and Maintain your F&P ICON+

How to clean and maintain your Icon+ Auto

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CPAP therapy can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the treatment. This app has been created to provide you with ongoing support and easy access to video instructions. It holds information that will enable you to fit, fine-tune and clean your F&P Healthcare CPAP masks. Download the F&P myMask™ App on Google Play and the App Store.

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Our mask range

Everybody is different, which is why F&P Healthcare has developed a wide range of therapy mask styles to meet the varying needs of people in the CPAP community.

Prescription only. Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. Your healthcare provider will advise you whether this product is suitable for you/your condition. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare provider.

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