Supply Chain and Sustainable Procurement

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s global supply chain network comprises a series of integrated suppliers, manufacturing operations and distribution networks that are committed to a sustainable future and are positioned to support our future growth.

Our supply chain distributes a small volume of OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) products but predominantly supplies products designed and manufactured by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

To ensure that our supply chain is scalable, transparent and coordinated across our wider supply chain network, an integrated enterprise resource planning system in conjunction with our strong quality management system is utilised. In addition, our purpose, values, beliefs and our Supplier Code of Conduct set forth the way we behave and act both culturally and operationally.

To ensure risk is managed within our global supply chain we actively monitor our end to end processes and systems through an internal risk management process and implement actions to prevent disruption. This will also be further enhanced with the launch of our cloud procurement solutions which will automate and improve our social compliance across our supplier base.

Within our upstream supply chain, our active risk mitigation means we continuously monitor and partner with socially responsible organisations that believe in doing the right thing. We dual source both directly from our manufacturers, service providers and third parties all over the world within our key risk areas.

Whilst materials are procured from all over the globe, a large portion of the externally procured materials originate from suppliers in the Asia and North America regions. To support our suppliers, we have teams located locally that enable us to personally interact and be present within our suppliers’ operations on a regular basis and also organise visits from the global procurement teams located in New Zealand to enable better governance.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare manufacturing infrastructure is located both at our corporate headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand and in Tijuana, Mexico.

The delivery of products is channelled through a network of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare operated distribution centres strategically located around the world to support our customer base. Where we do not have Fisher & Paykel Healthcare distribution centres, we utilise a global network of distributors. We use air, sea, road, and rail freight, with a focus on sustainable and cost effective methods of operation.

Throughout our end to end supply chain, we strive to do what is right for our customers, people and the environment.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited (UK) publishes an annual Modern Slavery Statement.

Download the statement.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Pty. Limited publishes an annual Modern Slavery Statement.

Download the statement.