Nurture Life with the F&P 850™ System

Key Benefits

The F&P 850 System has been designed to be simple to operate, while answering the strong call for a high performing solution capable of delivering Optimal Humidity (37 °C, 44mg/L). Significant benefits flow from one system which can be configured to deliver optimal outcomes for all therapies across the care continuum.

  • One system for all patients. The ability to reconfigure one system for all respiratory therapies translates to better follow-through care.

  • Simple and easy to learn. One easy-to-use, intuitive system leads to greater staff confidence and reduced training time.

  • Efficient inventory management. One system equates to less inventory requirements.

System Setup

850 System Setup

With a single device the F&P 850 System delivers humidity along the F&P Infant Respiratory Care Continuum™, according to the patient’s respiratory and therapy needs. Comprising the MR850 heated humidifier, MR290 auto-fill chamber and RT-series breathing circuits – it offers ONE simple, multi-configurable solution for all patients.