F&P FreeMotion™ Face Masks

Key Benefits

Designed for noninvasive ventilation, the FreeMotion™ hospital NIV mask range includes both vented and non-vented full face masks, as well as a vented nasal mask. All models of the mask are designed to maximize patient tolerance to treatment through superior comfort and performance.

  • Easier patient care enabled by quick release clip for single motion refit and under-chin seal design
  • Improved patient comfort through FlexiFit™ seal
  • Flexible and free to move around as the dual-swivel elbow and FreeMotion Glider™ allow freedom of movement and flexibility of positioning

Under-chin seal

The FreeMotion full face masks incorporate a seal that fits under the chin, which aims to accommodate a far greater range of face shapes and sizes compared with traditional under lip seals. The under-chin design aims to maintain the integrity of the seal at all times.

FlexiFit™ seal

This soft and flexible seal is designed with the patient in mind to optimize comfort and minimize risk of pressure sores.

Low dead space design

The RT040 range of vented full face masks incorporates 15 small vent holes at the bridge of the nose:

  • Better CO2 elimination
  • Quieter than single-port vent.

Product Videos

FreeMotion™ Face Masks Fitting Guide

FreeMotion™ Face Masks Fitting Guide

FreeMotion™ Face Masks Unique Features

FreeMotion™ Face Masks Unique Features