The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Foundation, established in 2021, supports healthier communities.
Our purpose is supporting healthier communities.

We aim to achieve our purpose by focusing on three key areas - health, education and environment - supporting people and organisations that help those who are underserved and underrepresented.
For those who are underserved.
  • Increasing accessibility
  • Prevention and early detection

For those who are under-represented in STEM careers.
  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Creating opportunities

For initiatives that empower the community and provide an additional health or education benefit.
  • Regeneration and renewing
  • Positively impact the local environment

Our values
Collaboration. Empathy. Commitment. Future focused.

The Foundation in action

Many highly capable students are held back by their socio-economic status. We are working with First Foundation to support two young people with financial assistance, paid work experience and a dedicated mentor through its scholarship programme.

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Previous research recognised children below the age of two with repeated hospital admissions for lower respiratory tract infections are at higher risk of developing chronic lung disease and other comorbidities. We support the Kidz First Māori Child Health Research Collaborative through their Lungs4Life initiative, implementing a new model of care in the community.

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