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The secret to a good night's sleep.

With technologies designed with your individual comfort needs in mind, F&P Vitera is a CPAP mask for mouth and nose breathers that seeks to provide you with comfort throughout the night for a good night's sleep.

Choose comfort with F&P Vitera.

Freedom to move

The Rollfit XT seal adapts as you move throughout the night while also helping to minimize discomfort on the bridge of your nose.

Keep cool and

VentiCool technology designed to allow for heat and moisture to dissipate.

Comfortable and
secure fit

Gentle headgear designed to avoid sensitive cheekbone areas and with three points of adjustment to help you find a comfortable fit.

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93% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more stable than their usual mask1
88% of patients could sleep in their preferred sleep position throughout the night2
90% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more comfortable on the face compared to their usual mask3

Tips for
Finding the Right Mask

Research shows that a comfortable mask fit can increase your chances of embracing CPAP therapy and therefore receive the associated positive benefits4. Here are some questions to help you find the right mask:

  • Do you feel hot and overheat at night?  
  • Do you have sensitive or fragile skin?
  • Do you move around a lot when you sleep?
  • Is the bridge of your nose sensitive?  
  • When you sleep, do you breathe through your mouth or nose?
  • Do you have a preferred sleeping position?

Support when
it matters most

The F&P myMask™ App is designed to support your mask setup. F&P myMask helps you effectively fit, fine-tune and clean your F&P CPAP* mask for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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