In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets.
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Nasal Mask 

Key features at a glance

Eson Key Features Glance

Reorder Codes


Code Product
400449 F&P Eson - S
400450 FF&P Eson - M
400451 F&P Eson 2 - L

Spare Parts

Code Product
400HC126 F&P Eson Seal - S
400HC127 F&P Eson Seal - M
400HC128 F&P Eson Seal - L
400HC570 F&P Eson Swivel
400HC569 F&P Eson Headgear - Clips & Buckle
400HC228 F&P Eson Diffuser (10pk ) and Cover
400HC567 F&P Eson Headgear - S
400HC568 F&P Eson Headgear - M/L
400HC571 F&P Eson Mask No H/G - S
400HC572 F&P Eson Mask No H/G - M
400HC573 F&P Eson Mask No H/G - L

Resource download list

Disinfection and Sterilization Guide

(PDF 0.1MB)


Eson™ Fitting Guide

(PDF 1.2MB)


Eson™ User Instructions

(PDF 0.0MB)