Applying our expertise in humidification to surgery to improve patient outcomes.

F&P Humigard - An overview of how surgical humidification reduces the risk of postoperative complications

The condition of the CO2 used during laparoscopic surgery and the ambient air during open surgery is different to the conditions of the human body, which draw heat and moisture from the already compromised patient.

Watch this video showing the successful results after introducing HumiGard™ surgical humidification at a laparoscopic research and education center in Colchester, UK. The ICENI center has completed a retrospective audit on the introduction of HumiGard™ which demonstrates improved temperature maintenance and reduced incidence of Surgical Site infection.1

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has provided research funding to the ICENI Centre.

Medical staff with HumiGard system

The HumiGard™ System

The F&P HumiGard System leverages Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s advanced humidification technology. Every solution we deliver is the sum over four decades of clinical research. Our pioneering respiratory solutions stem from this innovative design culture with the simple goal of optimising patient care. The HumiGard Surgical Humidification System has been used to treat over 150,000 patients.