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Redefining expectations

Introducing the F&P 950 Humidification System.

The F&P 950 is a premium performance humidification system designed to be easy to set up and use, minimize condensate, and provide advanced protection.

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Invasively ventilated adult patient with F&P 950

Improving patient care and outcomes is at the core of what we do

This drives how we design, manufacture, and sell our products. We are committed to providing world-leading healthcare solutions to serve this purpose, and are excited about our heated humidifier, the F&P 950 which supersedes the MR850.

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Features and Benefits 

of the F&P 950 Humidification System

Premium System Performance
Invasively ventilated adult patient with F&P 950


Premium System Performance

In tougher conditions, the F&P 950 humidifier delivers consistent humidity over a wider flow range, with up to 70 L/min for Optiflow™ (nasal high flow).


What happens when humidity drops below 90%?

What happens when humidity drops below 90%?

A study conducted on sheep trachea compared the effects of humidity and temperature on mucus transport. As seen in the video, the results showed that after 15 minutes’ exposure to a 10% decrease in humidity, secretion clearance was impaired and debris remained deposited in the airway.

Watch the video to find out more

Easy to set up and use

We asked clinicians around the world what was most important to them and usability ranked number one. A system which is easy to set up and use can save clinicians time, allowing them to focus on the most important task: patient care.

The F&P 950 respiratory humidifier has several key usability features.

F&P 950 interactive touch screen icon

Interactive Touch Screen

An interactive touch screen offers individual modes for Invasive, Mask (noninvasive ventilation) and Optiflow therapies, which can easily be selected by means of a drop-down menu. Temperature adjustability has been incorporated for better patient compliance.  
F&P 950 minimal assembly connections icon

Minimal Assembly Connections

The number of assembly connections has been minimized to enable speedy setup and allow healthcare professionals to focus on providing efficient care.

Integrated Probes

Temperature and flow probes have been integrated into the circuit and sensor cartridge to reduce the likelihood of incorrect setup and potential for system alarms.

Minimal condensation

When you see condensation forming in the inspiratory limb, this means humidity is not reaching your patient.

Along with our existing Evaqua™ technology, we have developed a revolutionary inspiratory circuit with technology designed to reduce condensate. Less condensate reduces the likelihood of circuit breakages, therefore promoting a closed system.

In our clinical trial, we found that 83% of nurses didn't have to empty condensate at all during their shift. 

AirSpiral™ inspiratory icon

AirSpiral™ inspiratory

The AirSpiral inspiratory limb enables efficient performance in a wider ambient temperature range, minimizing rain-out. Pockets of air act as insulating barriers between the ambient conditions and delivered gases to ensure delivery of optimal humidity.
Evaqua icon

Evaqua expiratory

Evaqua technology allows humidity to freely diffuse through the wall of the expiratory limb before it has the opportunity to condense and form into liquid water. This maintains PEEP and promotes a closed system.

Advanced protection

In our commitment to continuous improvement, we have completely changed the way we measure gas temperature and flow in order to increase patient and caregiver protection and reduce the cost burden for hospitals. 

SensiDomes™ icon


Temperature and flow sensing take place through sealed probe covers called SensiDomes. These enable accurate measurement of temperature and flow while acting as a barrier between the probes and the delivered gases.

Intuitive alarms icon

Intuitive alarms

Clear and concise alarms visually represent the cause of the issue and the corrective action required to quickly bring the device back to optimum operation, thus protecting the patient’s airway.

Therapy transition made easy
across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum

With the same inspiratory limb, the F&P 950 supports transition between therapies, from the most acute invasively-ventilated patients, through to mask and Optiflow patients. All circuit kits can be used for 14 days.

 F&P 950 transitionOne Circuit14 days use


The premium performance features of the F&P 950 System have the potential to reduce costs in the following areas:

 Patient care 
cost saving

cost saving

 cost saving 

If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of the F&P 950 and the potential savings, contact your F&P 950 sales representative.

Setup videos

Learn how to set up the F&P 950 for an invasive, noninvasive or Optiflow application.

Clinical Evidence

Read the clinical evidence on optimal humidity and invasive ventilation, nasal high flow therapy, and noninvasive ventilation.
Clinical evidence supporting the use of Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow (NHF) Therapy

Optiflow Evidence Library

Evidence suggests that Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow (NHF) reduces escalation, reduces mortality rates, improves symptomatic relief and promotes compliance.

Explore our evidence library 

Download the
F&P 950 app

This interactive learning tool is designed to help clinicians become more confident with using the F&P 950. It features a simulator of the user interface, education modules, a step-by-step setup guide, a guide to the alarms, cleaning instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).


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