Corporate Governance

FPH Corporate Governance Statement

Committed to Best Practice

The Board and management of the Company are committed to ensuring that the Company adheres to best practice governance principles and maintains the highest ethical standards. The Board has agreed to regularly review and assess the Company’s governance structures to ensure that they are consistent with best practice.

Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines

The Company is listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges. Corporate governance principles and guidelines have been introduced in both countries. These include the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Council Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, the New Zealand Stock Exchange Listing Rules relating to corporate governance, the NZX Corporate Governance Best Practice Code, and the New Zealand Securities Commission’s Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines (collectively, the Principles).

The Governance Manual for the Company consists of various charters and policies. The Board considers that the Company’s corporate governance practices and procedures substantially reflect the Principles.

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