The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare resuscitation masks for neonates and infants are available in five different sizes to fit a range of patients.   

International guidelines recommend that an appropriately sized infant face mask should cover the mouth and nose but not the eyes, and should not overlap the chin.1,2 Careful consideration needs to be given to mask size, fit and hold as a good seal with minimized leak is important for establishing effective ventilation.

Resuscitation mask product features 

Infant resuscitation masks

The resuscitation mask range by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare includes masks of 35mm and 42 mm diameter, which are amongst the smallest masks currently available on the market.

Research shows that 35-millimeter-diameter masks are most suitable for infants younger than 29 weeks’ gestational age, while masks with a 42-millimeter diameter are recommended for infants between 27 and 33 weeks’ gestational age.3 
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s resuscitation masks can be used with a self-inflating bag, a flow-inflating bag or a T-piece circuit. The infant masks are designed to be soft and pliable, with a transparent surface that allows breath condensate to be observed.  

Product Codes

Part No. Description Quantity
RD803-10 X-Small Resuscitation Mask (35mm diameter)  10/box
RD804-10 Small Resuscitation Mask (42mm diameter)  10/box
RD805-10 Medium Resuscitation Mask (50mm diameter) 10/box
RD806-10 Large Resuscitation Mask (60mm diameter)  10/box
RD807-10 X-Large Resuscitation Mask (72mm diameter)  10/box