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The growing healthcare crisis: can technology help?

The role of technology in quality healthcare.

How pedal power is helping make surgery safer

Supporting Lifebox to bring pulse oximeters into low-resource medical settings.

The evolution of medical care

Professor Jonathan Sackier discusses how medicine, and surgery in particular, have changed over the years.
The role of design thinking in healthcare products

What is the role of design thinking in healthcare products?

Watch our engineers explore how design thinking impacts medical products, some of the unique challenges they face, and whether a design is ever really finished.

Building the next generation of engineers

Working with SouthSci, a science programme for students in South Auckland. 

What product design is learning from video games

Video games have more in common with product design than you might think.

Why data alone can’t help healthcare

Insights from data are useful, but only up to a point.

The sleep turning point: what needs to change?

Sleep, and how it can help us lead happier and healthier lives, is being increasingly discussed around the world. 

Is this a turning point, where sleep will begin to be seen as a component of healthy living for all of us, rather than as a topic only for those who struggle with specific sleep disorders?

BluePrints spoke to Dr Joe Ojile and Matt Uhles of the Clayton Sleep Institute to find out.