In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets.
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Stylish, Smart + Simplified

The F&P ICON+ with added simplicity. Featuring a simplified user experience including Simple Mode for patients, a stylish new color and smart clinical technologies.

ICON+ Key Features

Key Features

Added Simplicity

F&P ICON+ series offers easy access to the three most commonly used therapy settings (on/off, ramp, humidity). The device can be used in conjunction with F&P’s masks and flexible compliance management systems.


Better Patient Care

With the full range of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's Clinical Technologies integrated into one stylish, easy-to-use unit, the ICON+ offers better patient care and business efficiency.

More humidity. More comfort.

ThermoSmart Technology is at the forefront of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's humidification philosophy, and is compatible with each model of the F&P ICON+ family.

This technology includes an advanced humidification algorithm and a heated breathing tube, which both work to provide optimal humidity and reduce condensation.

Responsive pressure relief.

SensAwake promotes better overall sleep. We all experience subconscious waking through the night – at which time pressure intolerance is likely to occur. Whereas other pressure relief technologies provide partial relief during expiration, SensAwake provides a prompt and significant relief in pressure to the lowest most comfortable level upon waking. This eases the return to sleep and allows effective treatment to resume.

More communication. More results.

Retrieving quality sleep data in a timely and efficient manner is crucial to understand patient needs and influence therapy outcomes. Info Technologies provide a range of options to best suit your business practice.

Performance Features

  Auto Premo Novo
Fully integrated
ThermoSmart Technology*
Auto-Adjusting Pressure    
Efficacy Reporting  
Compliance Reporting
Proportional Ramp
Auto-Altitude Adjusting Automatic Automatic Manual
Leak Compensation  
Clock and AlarmTunes™
InfoSmart Software

*In some countries the ThermoSmart Breathing Tube needs to be purchased as an accessory to activate ThermoSmart Technology.

Stylish, Smart + Simplified

The F&P ICON+ Family features:

  • Water Chamber
  • F&P InfoUSB
  • SmartDial™
  • Chamber Lid
  • Menu System

Water Chamber

One-piece chamber.
Holds 420 ml of water and is dishwashable.


The USB Port houses the F&P InfoUSB to record data on patient compliance, efficacy and flow.


Intuitive controls allow one-touch navigation of the Menu System, using a Press, Turn and Press principle.

Chamber Lid

Must be correctly fitted for optimal pressure delivery and can also be used as a handle to carry the device.

Menu System

Simplified user experience including Simple Mode for patients and easy-to-access Clinicians menu.

ICON+ Videos

F&P ICON+ Quick Start Guide
F&P ICON+ Quick Start Guide
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Getting to know your Icon+ Auto
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How to Clean and Maintain your F&P ICON+