Reliable. Adaptable. Robust.

The F&P 850 System unites the delivery of heated humidification with clinical usability and reduction of mobile circuit condensate. Clinically tested, clinically beneficial, clinically proven. 

F&P 850 System
Features and Benefits


Proven to consistently perform, the F&P 850 System has been a global state-of-the-art respiratory humidifier since 1998.


The F&P 850 System supports multiple therapies for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Users can easily toggle between Invasive and Mask modes.


The F&P 850 System is designed to withstand daily hospital use over its expected service life of 7 years.

One solution for all

The F&P 850 System delivers humidity across the adult and infant respiratory care continuums. Heated humidification is key to maintaining physiological balance in the airway,1-4 and is clinically proven to optimize gas exchange5 and assist natural airway defence mechanisms.3,6-11

Minimized condensate

  • Built-in algorithms designed to reduce condensate.
  • MicroCell™ technology protects humidity in the inspiratory limb and Evaqua™ technology reduces condensate in the expiratory limb.

Improved performance

  • Temperature and flow probes provide information to the humidifier that adjusts its power output to the heater plate and circuits to ensure humidity delivery is optimized for different conditions. 

Increased confidence

  • A smart alarm system indicates both low and medium priority issues.
  • The MR290 Auto-fill Humidification Chamber is equipped with a dual-float system to prevent overfilling.

System components

The F&P 850 System includes the MR850 heated humidifier and a range of heater-wire adapters, temperature and flow probes, breathing circuits, humidification chambers and accessories that make it suitable for treating infant and adult patients requiring respiratory support.

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