Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Reactivation of Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited has reactivated its Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) under which eligible shareholders in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom may elect to reinvest all or part of their cash dividends in additional Fisher & Paykel Healthcare ordinary shares free of brokerage charges. The DRP is being made available to assist in reducing the additional debt financing required for the company’s capital expenditure programme, including the acquisition of land for the company’s second campus in Karaka, Auckland. A discount of 3% will be applied when determining the price per share of ordinary shares issued under the DRP and will be applied in respect of the interim dividend and future dividends, until such time as the directors determine otherwise.

Shareholders wishing to commence participating in the DRP need to make a participation election by visiting investorcentre.linkgroup.nz. Shareholders previously enrolled into the plan will remain enrolled unless they terminate their participation using the same link.

The DRP Offer Document below explains how the plan operates.
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Offer Document