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Flexitrunk Interface
Flexitrunk Interface on a Neonate
All the components of FlexiTrunk Interface (nasal masks, nasal prongs, bonnet, and headgear) are designed to fit and work together. With 11 nasal prongs, 4 nasal masks, and 3 nasal tubing lengths, FlexiTrunk Interface offers a wide size range to provide the correct fit for a variety of patients.
Flexitrunk Mask and Prong Image
By offering both a nasal mask and nasal prongs interface, FlexiTrunk Interface allows healthcare professionals to cycle between interface types during CPAP therapy.
Flexitrunk Tube Side Image
FlexiTrunk Interface’s mid-line design and the flexible tubing help to facilitate multiple caring positions including prone and supine, while the mask range is designed to minimize the force needed to create a seal.

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Moisture-wicking technology is built into the interface to help minimize condensate build-up. The large-diameter tubing reduces resistance to flow.
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Bubble CPAP System

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare also offers a system to deliver bubble CPAP, including circuits, pressure relief manifold, and bubble CPAP generator.

Learn about the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Bubble CPAP system

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Training video

FlexiTrunk Interface Set Up Video
FlexiTrunk Interface Set Up Video

Product Codes

FlexiTrunk™ nasal tubing

Part No. Description Quantity
BC190-05 FlexiTrunk™ nasal tubing (50mm) 5/box
BC191-05 FlexiTrunk™ nasal tubing (70mm) 5/box
BC192-05 FlexiTrunk™ nasal tubing (100mm) 5/box

Nasal prongs and nasal masks

Part No. Description Quantity
BC3020-10  Nasal prongs (3.0mm nare diameter / 2.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC3520-10  Nasal prongs (3.5mm nare diameter / 2.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC4030-10  Nasal prongs (4.0mm nare diameter / 3.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC4540-10  Nasal prongs (4.5mm nare diameter / 4.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC5040-10  Nasal prongs (5.0mm nare diameter / 4.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC5050-10  Nasal prongs (5.0mm nare diameter / 5.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC5550-10  Nasal prongs (5.5mm nare diameter / 5.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC5560-10  Nasal prongs (5.5mm nare diameter / 6.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC6060-10  Nasal prongs (6.0mm nare diameter / 6.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC6070-10  Nasal prongs (6.0mm nare diameter / 7.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC6570-10  Nasal prongs (6.5mm nare diameter / 7.0mm septal width)  10/box 
BC800-10  Nasal mask – small  10/box 
BC801-10  Nasal mask – medium  10/box 
BC802-10  Nasal mask – large  10/box 
BC803-10  Nasal mask – extra large  10/box 

Infant bonnets, headgear and chinstraps

Part No. Description Quantity
BC300-05   Bonnet (17-22cm)  5/box 
BC303-05  Bonnet (22-25cm)   5/box 
BC306-05 Bonnet (25-29cm)   5/box 
BC309-05  Bonnet (29-36cm)  5/box
BC325-05 Headgear (29-36cm)   5/box 
BC328-05  Headgear (35-40cm)   5/box 
BC331-05  Headgear (40-45cm)   5/box
BC351-10  Chinstrap (20-26cm)  10/box 
BC353-10  Chinstrap (26-32cm)  10/box 
BC355-10  Chinstrap (32-38cm)   10/box 
BC357-10  Chinstrap (38-44cm)  10/box 

Resource download list

FlexiTrunk™ Interface User Instructions

(PDF 8.8MB)