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F&P SleepStyle+
Ready. Set. Sleep.

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In addition to the outstanding style, comfort, and performance our machines are renowned for, the new F&P SleepStyle™+ includes additional features that make therapy setup and use even easier.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Auto Start/Stop

Start therapy by putting on your mask and breathing in. To stop, simply remove it.1

Oxygen compatible

If you need more than just PAP therapy, SleepStyle+ can be used with oxygen. These two therapies are conveniently combined using a port connector between the mask and the breathing tube. Both the PAP air stream and oxygen are then delivered to your patient through the same mask.*

Please note the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Oxygen/Pressure Port Connector required for oxygen therapy is available as an accessory (900HC45).
Ultra-fine filter

Breathe easy with our new standard filter, now with finger tabs to make it easy to detach it from the CPAP*. The optional ultra-fine filter provides 99% filtration efficiency at 0.5-0.7 micron particles, such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen.2

Please note that the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ultra-fine Filter is an optional spare part and is available for purchase separately (900SSP112).
Easy-access chamber

One press of a button gives you access to the water chamber, with an over-moulded watertight silicone seal.
User-friendly menu

The large, forward facing, textured button works in harmony with the menu, allowing quick navigation and ease of use.3
Performance features at a glance
 Fully integrated humidifier
 Auto-adjusting pressure
 Auto Start/Stop
 ThermoSmart™ technology4
 Expiratory relief
 Central Sleep Apnea detection
 Auto-altitude adjustment
 Leak compensation
 Oxygen compatible
 Efficacy reporting
 Compliance reporting
 Bluetooth wireless technology
 Cellular modem5
 F&P InfoUSB™
Compatible with:
 F&P InfoSmart™
 F&P SleepStyle App6

F&P SleepStyle App

Review sleep therapy data from a connected F&P SleepStyle PAP device.

The F&P SleepStyle App enables patients to understand and track their PAP-therapy progress at home while delivering valuable information on air pressure changes, mask leakage and sleeping patterns.

Get the SleepStyle App on the iTunes App Store Get the SleepStyle App on the Google Play App Store

Product codes
Code Description Quantity
SSPAAA F&P SleepStyle+ Auto 1

Spare Parts
900SSP112 Ultra-fine Filter Pack 1
900SSP114 Standard Air Filter with Tabs (2 pack) 1
900SSP143 Device Lid (branded) 1
900HC452 Oxygen/Pressure Port Connector 1

Disclaimer: We refer to CPAP in this instance, but this may also include other positive airway pressure device modes such as APAP or Bilevel. Masks must be used with a PAP device to deliver therapy.

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