Fisher & Paykel Healthcare adopts ASX Foreign Exempt Listing

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited has changed its admission category on the ASX to ASX Foreign Exempt Listing, effective from 20 June 2016. 

The ASX Foreign Exempt Listing category is based on a principle of substituted compliance, with the primary regulatory role and oversight resting with the home exchange. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare continues to have a full listing on the NZX Main Board and the company’s shares will continue to be listed on ASX and included in all ASX indices as they are today.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare remains committed to best practice in corporate governance, including guidelines of the NZX, ASX and the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority.

Contact: Marcus Driller, Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs Manager, on +64 9 574 0110.  For more information about the company visit our website