Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks
do not contain magnets.

In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets. Our high-performance family of masks are designed and renowned for comfort, seal and ease of use. These masks have been created to meet a wide range of user preferences and requirements because we know the individual needs of your PAP therapy patients are unique.

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F&P Evora™ Full

Compact Full Face Mask

This full-face mask delivers full performance with minimal contact, allowing users to move freely and sleep without compromise.

F&P Evora™ Nasal Mask

Compact Nasal Mask

This mask has been designed to fit like a cap. The minimalist headgear has been created for an intuitive fit, while the compact seal sits comfortably under the nose.

F&P Vitera™

Full Face Mask

Vitera incorporates mask technology that works together to provide breathability, adaptability and stability.

F&P Eson™ 2

Nasal Mask

This mask features VisiBlue™ highlights to assist patients with fitting, disassembly and reassembly.

Nasal Pillows Mask

Brevida has adjustable headgear to provide users with an individual fit and enhanced therapy comfort.