Our interfaces are designed for the delicate anatomical features and flow requirements of neonates, infants and children.

A new therapy in practice at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Transforming Respiratory Therapy

Nasal High Flow therapy is being widely adopted in neonatal and pediatric practice. Optiflow™ Junior is designed to enhance the inherent therapy benefits of Nasal High Flow therapy.

In this short video, The Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in Brisbane, Australia, share their journey on how they successfully implemented Nasal High Flow across the hospital.

Find out more about how this therapy is transforming the way non invasive respiratory support is being delivered to neonatal and pediatric patients.

Video Library

Click here to watch Nasal High Flow documentaries, fitting videos on how to apply Optiflow Junior nasal cannula, and news clips featuring Optiflow Junior.

Optiflow Junior Breathing Circuit
Optiflow™ Junior Breathing Circuit
Optiflow Junior provides a step between low-flow oxygen therapy and CPAP.
Optiflow Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
Optiflow™ Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
The next generation of care for neonates, infants and children.

Momentum Building

There is growing interest in the use of Nasal High Flow therapy in the neonatal and pediatric ICU, ED and Ward.

There have been more than 90 papers on Nasal High Flow therapy published in the neonatal and pediatric population.

Effective, Gentle, Easy

The growing body of evidence suggests that these Nasal High Flow therapy benefits may be associated with improved patient care and outcomes.

Award Winning Design

Optiflow™ Junior is an award winning cannula and system designed to enhance the inherent therapy benefits of Nasal High Flow therapy.