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What is the best CPAP mask for mouth breathers?

Sleep apnea treatment Nov, 01 2023

What you could consider when choosing a mask to suit your sleeping style

You need to adhere to your CPAP* therapy for it to be successful, and that means consistently wearing your CPAP mask every time you sleep.  

Ensuring you are wearing a mask that matches your preferences and is comfortable will help you stick to your therapy. So, take your facial features and sleeping style into account when choosing your CPAP mask.  

Another factor to consider is whether you breathe through your mouth as you sleep.  

Generally, full-face masks are a suitable choice if you do, because they create a secure seal and a closed system for air to flow from the CPAP device to the airways and vice versa. 

You could also opt for a nasal mask with a chinstrap to deter you from sleeping with your mouth open or switch between full-face and nasal masks. 

A popular Fisher & Paykel Healthcare nasal mask for mouth breathers is the F&P Evora Nasal which can be used with a chin strap.

Meanwhile, F&P Vitera is a full-face mask that mouth breathers may find suitable. This mask has the added support of a stability bar that works with RollFit XT technology to maintain an effective and comfortable seal.3

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