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Optiflow Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
Optiflow™ Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
The next generation of care for neonates, infants and children.
Optiflow Junior Nasal Cannula
Optiflow™ Junior Nasal Cannula
A cannula range designed specifically for the delicate anatomical features and flow requirements of neonates, infants and children.
Optiflow+ Nasal Cannula
F&P Optiflow™+ Nasal Cannula
The Optiflow™+ cannula originates from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's dedication to improve care and outcomes, giving clinicians confidence in the comfortable delivery of Nasal High Flow.
Infant Nasal Cannula
Infant Nasal Cannula
Specifically designed shorter oxygen delivery tube, allowing for higher deliverable flow and less unheated space.
Optiflow™+ Mask Interface Adapter
Optiflow™+ Mask Interface Adapter

Product Code:  OPT980

Lightweight and flexible interface tube that connects to tracheostomy mask interface with a standard 22mm medical taper.