RT332 Kit:
Condensate control
in a convenient kit

An all-inclusive solution for delivering
Nasal High Flow therapy.


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RT332, a kit designed for optimal performance

We've created a kit to optimize delivery of Optiflow Therapy.

Optimal humidity is as much about condensate control as it is about delivering physiologic levels of humidity.

The MR850 uses temperature sensors to adjust the MicroCell™ circuit while also accounting for the geometry of our OptiflowTM cannula. At the same time MicroCell and Evaqua™ technologies work in concert to further control condensate, every step of the way.

RT332 technology overview

microcell and optiflow

F&P technology spotlight: MicroCell technology



Less condensate may reduce interruptions to therapy.

*Exact percentage 29.33%, based on internal Fisher and Paykel Healthcare laboratory testing when compared with a conventional Fisher and Paykel Healthcare circuit.

MicroCell technology explained

The RT332 Kit contains a Heated Inspiratory Adult Breathing Circuit made of a non-permeable material with Fisher & Paykel’s unique MicroCell Technology.
The MicroCell wall structure forms an insulation shield between the cool air outside and the water vapor inside, locking in humidity and reducing condensation.1
With it’s unique concave base, together with soft contoured prongs and cheek pads, and a customizable headstrap, the Optiflow+ Nasal Cannula provides patient comfort and stability on the face.

MicroCell inspiratory circuit

Water Vapour (humidity)

                 Conventional breathing circuit



Product/reorder codes

Product Order Code Quantity
RT332 MicroCell Circuit, MR290 water chamber and Optiflow™+ Nasal Cannula Kit RT332 10 per box


MicroCell Technology

1. Exact percentage: 29.33%. Based on internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare laboratory testing when compared to conventional Fisher & Paykel Healthcare circuit.

Resource List

F&P 850 System RT332 Brochure

(PDF 0.4MB)


F&P 850 System RT332 User Instructions

(PDF 1.6MB)