F&P 850™ System
for Noninvasive Ventilation

For Invasive and Noninvasive patients

The F&P 850 Humidifier is solution capable of operating in two control modes; 37 °C, 44mg/L for invasive therapy and 31 °C, 32mg/L for noninvasive therapy.

NIV System Setup

The F&P 850 System for noninvasive ventilation (NIV) is comprised of the MR850 Heated Humidifier with the MR290 Autofill Chamber and RT Series breathing circuits with circuit step-down options. 

Humidity is delivered to one of three types of Nivairo™ face masks. These are available as vented and non vented full face masks.

Single-Limb Set Up
For a single limb set up using NIV specific ventilators, humidity can be delivered via our low-resistance noninvasive circuits to the RT045 and new RT047 NIV face masks.

Dual-Limb Setup
For a dual limb setup using ICU ventilators, humidity can be delivered via Evaqua™ circuits to the Nivairo RT046 full face masks.

Our RT-series Adult Noninvasive Breathing Circuits incorporate heater-wire technology to help reduce condensate and help you deliver quality NIV therapy