Airvo™ 2 nasal
high flow system

Designed to deliver Optiflow NHF therapy, proven* respiratory support

*A review of studies comprising the body of NHF evidence found the majority used F&P Optiflow™ systems

A humidified high-flow system
designed to treat your patients across the
care continuum.

Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow at the Royal Berkshire Hospital (Optiflow Page)

A multi-department implementation of Optiflow NHF therapy

This video shows the introduction of the Airvo 2 device across departments of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK. Hospital clinicians talk about the benefits found both to the patients and the hospital since its introduction.

Broad flow range

A broad flow range (2 to 60 L/min) takes your patients from the most acute environments (ICU and ED) to the home.



A compact system with a built-in flow generator means there’s no need for a noisy, heavy air compressor to transport the Airvo 2. Add a suitable UPS, and you’re ready to go.

I am setting up for transport.

Variety of interfaces

A variety of interfaces have been designed with Optiflow High Flow Therapy in mind. 

At higher flows, comfort is paramount  you need an interface designed for the job.

Interface range

Airvo 2 With Pole

1. Controlled oxygen

  • Add and titrate oxygen separately from the flow rate.
  • From .21 (room air) to 1.0.
  • Onscreen FiO2 display.

2. 93% less condensate*

* When compared with the 900PT501 Airvo tube in internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing.

3. Adjustable temperature

  • Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31 °C) help achieve comfort and compliance.

Brochure - product features

4. Transportable 

  • Mobile pole, oxygen bottle holders, and transport kit designed for a UPS.
Info. Sheet - accessories/ordering info. etc

Airvo 2 instructional videos

AIRVO™ 2  Introduction


(5.05 mins)
This video guide describes what the Airvo 2 is, how it works, and why we use actively heated humidification to provide optimal humidity.


AIRVO™ 2  Set-up

Setting up

(3.37 mins)
A step-by-step guide to setting up the Airvo 2 and an introduction to our range of interfaces. 


AIRVO™ 2  Use


(6.03 mins)
How to operate the Airvo 2, including adjusting settings such as flow and temperature and how to add oxygen if it's required. 


AIRVO™ 2  Reprocessing


(5.25 mins)
Guidance for cleaning, disinfecting, and reprocessing* the Airvo 2 for the next patient.

*high-level disinfection


Optiflow interfaces

Latest NHF interface

Optiflow 3S
Nasal Cannula

More stable, less pressure, side swappable.

Optiflow +
Nasal Cannula

A soft and secure fit.

Optiflow Junior 2
Nasal Cannula

Designed for neonates, infants, and children.

Optiflow + Tracheostomy Interface

Humidification for trache patients.
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