Airvo™ Neb

Nebulize without interruption to therapy

The Airvo Neb has been engineered with convenience in mind. As the adapter is part of the water chamber there’s, no need to hold it in place during treatment.

Compatible with 22mm vibrating mesh nebulizers.


Built with advanced nebulizer technology

Designed for use with the latest technology; vibrating mesh nebulizers and the smooth inner surfaces of AirSpiral tubing.
Designed for maximum delivery efficiency

Independent testing* of the Airvo Neb demonstrated an emitted dose as high as 39%

*Testing was undertaken in cooperation with Aerogen.
†This result was found using an Optiflow (size medium) cannula at 10 L/min. At 30 L/min and 60 L/min the emitted dose was 37% and at 12% respectively.

The best of Airvo 2 technology in one kit

Compatible with Optiflow™ Nasal Interfaces (2 to 60 L/min) Included in the nebulizer kit:

1. Airvo Neb port and plug
2. AirSpiral™ heated breathing tube
3. MR290 auto-fill humidification chamber

4. Vibrating mesh nebulizer*

*The vibrating mesh nebulizer depicted here is the Aerogen Solo. Contact your local Aerogen distributor for information. Areogen Solo is a registered trademark of Aerogen Ltd.


AirSpiral™ heated breathing tube
AirSpiral™ heated breathing tube

Our latest innovation in condensation control technology.

The AirSpiral tube produces up to 93% less condensate* when compared with the 900PT501 Airvo heated breathing tube.
*When compared with AIRVO tube 900PT501 in internal F&P testing.
MR290 auto-fill humidification chamber
MR290 chamber

Utilizes the same reliable, dual-float water chamber that you’re used to.

Product code

Code Product Quantity
900PT562 AirSpiral tube and chamber kit including Airvo Neb
(Aerogen® Solo nebulizer not included)

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