Optiflow High Flow Therapy system. 



An integrated flow generator, wide flow range (2 - 60 L/min) and various interfaces facilitates the treatment of a broad range of patients across the hospital.

Nasal High Flow Therapy (NHF) aka (HFNC) is recommended for several clinical applications among published clinical practice guidelines

A review of the studies referenced by these guidelines showed that most of the studies used flows of ≥ 45 L/min, i.e., flow rate matters. 

How do I set up High Flow Therapy? 

Introducing F&P Micro Moments! This episode provides a basic overview of how to set up Nasal High Flow Therapy using the F&P Airvo.

Watch this episode below or jump to the first: "What is High Flow Therapy?

Airvo-Optiflow High Flow Therapy System 

  1. Airvo 2 High Flow system. 
  2. AirSpiral heated breathing tube and chamber kit. Airspiral kit with neb option.
  3. Optiflow interfaces for adult and peadiatric applications, including our latest nasal cannula, the Optiflow+ Duet interface, a tracheostomy interface and a mask adapter option.
  4. Hospital stand.
Introducing the

An asymmetricTM nasal high flow interface

Reshaping respiratory support

Optiflow High Flow Therapy Interface range 

Optiflow+ Duet
nasal cannula interface
Delivers asymmetric nasal high flow therapy, reshaping respiratory support.

Latest NHF interface

Optiflow 3S
nasal cannula interface
57% more stable2 and side swappable.


nasal cannula interface

Simple to fit, soft and secure.

Optiflow+ Tracheostomy interface
Optimal humidification for a bypassed airway.

Optiflow Junior 2 nasal cannula interface series
Designed for neonates, infants, and children.

1.    Tatkov S, et al. J AppI Physiol. 2023; 134(2):365-377.
2.    When compared to other F&P interfaces, based on internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing (2017).

Airvo 2 instructional videos and downloads