AIRVO™ 2 Humidified
High Flow

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AIRVO 2 System Setup
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What is the AIRVO 2?

Humidifier with integrated flow generator 

The AIRVO 2 system features a humidifier with integrated flow source that delivers high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients, through a variety of interfaces up to 60 L/min. The AIRVO 2 with its wide range of accessories is an integrated system providing versatility, mobility and convenience.

AIRVO 2 instructional videos

AIRVO™ 2  Introduction

AIRVO 2 Introduction

Part 1 of the AIRVO 2 video guide describes what the AIRVO 2 is, how it works, and the philosophy behind the use of an active heated humidifier to provide Optimal Humidity.

AIRVO™ 2  Set-up


Part 2 of the AIRVO 2 video is a step-by-step guide to setting up the AIRVO 2, and an introduction to our range of interfaces.

AIRVO™ 2  Use


Part 3 of the AIRVO 2 video guide shows how to operate the AIRVO 2, including how to adjust key settings such as flow, temperature, and how to add supplemental oxygen (if required). 

AIRVO™ 2  Reprocessing

AIRVO 2 Reprocessing

Part 4 of the AIRVO 2 video guide shows you how to clean and disinfect the AIRVO 2; reprocessing it through high-level disinfection for use on the next patient.

AIRVO 2 technology spotlight: AirSpiral™

The new AirSpiral - 93%25 less condensate

Select the AirSpiral breathing tube
for less condensate.*

Less condensate may reduce interruptions to therapy.

* When compared with the 900PT501 AIRVO tube in internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing


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AIRVO 2 product key features 

AIRVO Heated breathing tube

AirSpiral heated
breathing tube 

Includes dual spiral heater-wires and an integrated temperature sensor. No separate temperature probes or heater-wire adapters required.

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AIRVO interfaces

Variety of Optiflow interfaces

The AIRVO 2 can be used with Optiflow nasal interfaces as well as direct-connect tracheostomy and mask interfaces.

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AIRVO helpful onscreen animations

Controlled oxygen delivery (when required) 

Oxygen from a concentrator or cylinder can be added. An in-built ultrasonic analyzer requires no calibration, service, or replacement.
AIRVO adjustable temperature and flow settings

Designed for simple setup, use and cleaning

Helpful on-screen animations assist with setup and troubleshooting.
AIRVO adjustable temperature and flow settings

Adjustable temperature 
and flow settings

Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31 °C) help achieve comfort and compliance. The integrated flow generator delivers a wide range (2 - 60 L/min) for both pediatric and adult patients - no wall air supply is required.
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Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow at the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Introducing Optiflow to the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Explore Optiflow in practice. This video shows the usage of AIRVO 2 and Optiflow High Flow therapy in different departments of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK. It shows the benefits they have found both to the patients and hospital since its introduction.

By clicking the play button on the video you are confirming that you are a healthcare professional
and entitled to watch this.

(3 minutes long)

Want to discover more about Optiflow High Flow therapy?

Webinar focused on home use
of Nasal High Flow in patients
with chronic disease

Associate Professor Ulla Møller Weinreich speaks about
her research on humidified high flow therapy for patients
with chronic disease in this Nasal High Flow webinar.

Storgaard study overview


  1. Storgaard LH, Hockey HU, Laursen BS, Weinreich UM. Long–term effects of oxygen–enriched high–flow nasal cannula treatment in COPD patients with chronic hypoxemic respiratory failure. Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2018; 13:1195–205.

An AIRVO 2 in your pocket

Download the AIRVO 2 simulator app and have this great learning/teaching tool at your fingertips. Use the app to: 
• Learn how to use the AIRVO 2 
• Teach others how to use the AIRVO 2 quickly and easily 
• Test your skills

Download the AIRVO 2 simulator app now, for free.

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Resource Download List

AIRVO™ 2 Features Brochure

(PDF 1.1MB)


AIRVO™ 2 User Manual

(PDF 14.7MB)


AIRVO™ 2 Specification Sheet

(PDF 2.2MB)


Optiflow Therapy Brochure

(PDF 0.0MB)