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Less condensate
than ever before.

Evaqua is the world’s first breathing circuit technology that minimizes mobile condensate in the expiratory limb by allowing water vapor to diffuse through the tubing wall.

Less condensate,
without compromise*

Advanced ventilator breathing circuits that reduce condensate in an easy-to-use system, helping promote a closed system and reducing the level of intervention required. 

Condensation Time Lapse Video


Time lapse video

View this time lapse video comparing inspiratory limbs of the F&P dual-heated RT series circuit and Evaqua2 with microcell technology.

Evaqua Circuits


Less condensate due to insulating MicroCells

Protection from cool drafts

MicroCells form an insulation shield between the cool air outside and the water vapor inside.


Less condensate with permeable Evaqua technology

Protection through a robust MicroCell wall structure

Allows humidity to diffuse out of the breathing circuit freely. 

The technology of Evaqua has the potential to
reduce the need for circuit breaks

Evaqua in use with nurse and patient

8 reasons to use Evaqua

  1. Minimizes inspiratory and expiratory limb condensate*
  2. Reduces the need for clinician intervention to break open the breathing circuit
  3. Reduces ventilation issues (auto-PEEP, ventilator dyssynchrony) caused by mobile circuit condensate
  4. No water traps to empty
  5. Reduces condensate buildup in expiratory filters
  6. Alleviates ventilator alarm issues related to expiratory block condensate
  7. Saves clinician time
  8. Easy-to-use system, 14 days duration of use

What are the risks of 
breaking a ventilator breathing circuit?

Drop in PEEP

Drop in PEEP

Breaking open a breathing circuit (to drain condensate, change circuits etc.) introduces the potentially hazardous effect of a drop in PEEP. Zero PEEP has been associated with the leak of infectious secretions past ET tube cuffs, due to circuit pressure changes, regardless of cuff material or inflation pressure.

Reduced lung recruitment

Reduced lung recruitment

Alveoli sacs may struggle to open fully and participate in gas exchange.
Infection risk

Infection risk 

When a circuit is opened, bacteria-laden moisture or water droplets may be scattered into the environment, or equally the patient and circuit may be exposed to environmental bacteria.
Cuff Leak Experiment

Cuff Leak Experiment

Watch our Middlemore Hospital experiment with bronchoscope to demonstrate the effects of pressure change upon circuit break and associated secretion dribble

Evaqua closed system animation

Closed system animation

This video shows a closed system animation demonstrating three effects of ventilator circuit breaks 

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* Average result found in internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing compared to conventional F&P circuit.