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F&P Nivairo™ Full Face Mask


A noninvasive ventilation (NIV) full face mask designed to help bring comfort and care to you and your patient along the recovery journey

Take Care of the Pressure

We understand that the NIV journey can be a stressful time for both patients and clinicians.
Nivairo incorporates thoughtful design features that help to address the challenges you may face along the recovery journey.

Facial Pressure Care

NIV masks have been cited as one of the leading causes of pressure ulcers in the ICU.1  

A hospital acquired pressure ulcer can not only lead to therapy failure, but can also cost a hospital in the US from $20,900 to $151,700  per pressure ulcer. 2

The Nivairo full face mask is designed to assist in establishing a comfortable seal without over-tightening the headgear or creating excessive facial pressure.

RollFit™  Seal

The soft seal rolls back and forth automatically to adjust to the natural contours of the nasal bridge to help reduce pressure.
TubeFit Nasogastric Seal
The nasogastric (NG)/ orogastric (OG) tube seal zones reduce the risk of over-tightening to maintain a seal. This also helps reduce the amount of pressure required for a seal over the NG tubes.
ErgoFit Headgear and Dual-Swivel Elbow
The adjustable headgear and dual-swivel elbow are designed to help reduce cushion pressure on the bridge of the nose.
No need to swap parts

Simply choose from three configurations to suit your unit. This reduces the risk of disturbance to the seal, using the wrong parts or over-tightening the mask.

Comfort Care

Patient discomfort remains responsible for up to 33% of NIV failure.This can be due to irritation from leakage, incorrect mask sizing or over tightening of the headgear.
The Nivairo full face mask uses the same comfortable seal technology as Fisher & Paykel healthcare's award winning Simplus™ mask for sleep apnea.
RollFit Seal
The soft silicone seal adjusts to an individual’s anatomy to help reduce leak into the eyes.
Dual-Swivel Elbow
The dual swivel elbow helps reduce restrictions to movement and allows for flexibility during the mask setup as well as being able to move while receiving NIV therapy.
ErgoFit Headgear
Soft, breathable fabrics are designed to enhance patient comfort.

Ease of Care

It can be challenging to fit an NIV mask precisely - Especially on a patient in distress. There are infinite patient face shapes and sizes to contend with and masks are often inadvertently over-tightened.
The Nivairo full face mask is designed to make the NIV journey easier and help overcome these challenges.
The NIV mask seal automatically adjusts to the anatomy of your patient to minimize leak and make it easier for you to correctly fit your patient.
The TubeFit zones help reduce the need for extra sealing pads and help maintain an effective seal by collapsing around patient NG tubes.
SizeMe Guide
The Nivairo SizeMe Guide is simple and color coded for quick sizing of your patient. It is also packed separately so you can size your patient without having to unseal the mask.
ErgoFit Headgear
The ErgoFit Headgear has simple Velcro® adjustment straps along with Easy Clips on the lower straps to enable a more comfortable fit.
Nivairo Fitting Video 2019 UI-618376

How to Fit the F&P Nivairo Full Face Mask

Learn how to size your patient, fit the NIV Nivairo full face mask as well as remove and readjust the mask in this fitting guide. 

Nivairo Product Range

Our full face NIV mask is available in four sizes, including an extra-small model to suit a wide range of patient face shapes. There are also single-limb, dual-limb, vented and nonvented mask options to suit the different NIV  therapy needs of your patients.

Single Limb Non-vented
NIV Full Face Mask 

F&P Nivairo™ RT045
  • Non-vented hospital mask
  • Anti-asphyxiation valve
  • Single limb circuit
  • Exhalation port 

Dual Limb Non-vented
NIV Full Face Mask

F&P Nivairo™ RT046
  • Non-vented hospital mask
  • Dual limb circuit
  • Standard Elbow

Single Limb Vented
NIV Full Face Mask

F&P Nivairo™ RT047
  • Vented hospital mask
  • Anti-asphyxiation valve
  • Single limb circuit
  • No exhalation port
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