One NIV mask, many benefits

Nivairo is a non-invasive ventilation (NIV) BiPAP mask designed for comfort and ease of use with simplified feed tube sealing. The combination of RollFit™, TubeFit™ and ErgoFit™ features are aimed at minimizing nasal bridge pressure and seal leaks, resulting in improved overall performance and more effective delivery of NIV therapy.

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Introducing the Nivairo Full Face Mask

Sensitive Care with Nivairo

In the case of hospital NIV masks, a better fit means a more compliant patient. A soft silicone RollFit seal automatically adjusts to adapt to the different face shapes of individual patients, and breathable ErgoFit headgear easily adjusts to fit as well.

Nivairo Full Face Mask 360° View

Intelligent Seal with TubeFit Technology

The innovative seal design with RollFit helps minimize pressure on the nasal bridge while TubeFit zones on either side of the mask minimize leak around nasogastric/orogastric (NG/OG) tubes. Overall seal performance is enhanced, enabling a more effective delivery of NIV therapy.

Nivairo Product Range

The Nivairo full face NIV mask comes in four sizes, including a new extra small size, which when combined with RollFit seals supports a wider range of face shapes.

Nivairo RT045 and RT046 are available in four sizes to fit a wide size range of patients

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