Improve patient comfort with the F&P 810™ System

Key Benefits

The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare MR810 heated humidifier is part of a complete humidification system designed to deliver a comfortable level of humidity.

  • It is adjustable between three temperature and humidification levels.
  • The built in ambient temperature sensor allows this system to adjust to environmental conditions making setup easier.
  • The heater wire adaptor is built in to the MR810 and comes attached to the unit.

This arrangement simplifies setup, minimizing the connections required.

System Setup

The F&P 810 System has been designed to be simple to operate while delivering a comfortable level of humidity to improve patient tolerance. Comprising the MR810 heated humidifier, MR290 auto-fill chamber and RT-series breathing circuits – it offers a simple solution capable of delivering Essential Humidity (31 °C, 32mg/L) to the patient.

Dual Limb Set Up

For a dual limb set up using ICU ventilators, Essential Humidity can be delivered via Evaqua™ circuits to the non-vented FreeMotion™ RT041 full face mask.

Single Limb Set Up

For a single limb set up using noninvasive specific ventilators, Essential Humidity can be delivered via our low resistance noninvasive circuits to the FreeMotion™ masks below: