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Evaqua™ 2 Breathing Circuits
Evaqua™ 2 Breathing Circuits
Evaqua™ is the world’s first breathing circuit technology that minimises mobile condensate in the expiratory limb by allowing water vapor to diffuse through the tubing wall.
Optiflow Junior Breathing Circuit
Optiflow™ Junior Breathing Circuit
Optiflow Junior provides a step between low-flow oxygen therapy and CPAP.
Nivairo RT045 Full Face NIV Mask
Nivairo™ RT045
The RT045 non-vented hospital mask with clear elbow is suitable for single-limb circuits when used in combination with an exhalation port.
Non-vented Hospital Under Nose Mask with anti-asphyxiation valve
F&P Visairo™ RT075

Product Code:  RT075

Visairo RT076 Hospital Under Nose Mask. Non-vented, standard elbow version
F&P Visairo™ RT076

Product Code:  RT076

Visairo Hospital Under Nose Mask. Vented, anti-asphyxiation valve version
F&P Visairo™ RT077

Product Code:  RT077

Optiflow Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
Optiflow™ Junior 2 Nasal Cannula
The next generation of care for neonates, infants and children.
F&P 950™ System for Noninvasive Ventilation
F&P 950™ System for Noninvasive Ventilation
The F&P 950 is a premium performance humidification system designed to be easy to set up and use, minimize condensate, and provide advanced protection.
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