In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets.
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Take a 'Micro Moment'

Get a basic overview of what High Flow Therapy (HFT) is and the benefits to your patients.

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Our latest products

F&P Airvo™ 3

An Optiflow™ high flow therapy system. Provides compatibility with a wide range of interfaces, features an integrated battery for intra-hospital transport and offers both direct and low pressure oxygen-input methods.

F&P Masks

F&P Solo™ Nasal

Simplifies mask setup and use. We've created the world's first AutoFit™ mask for a more seamless user experience - simply stretch to fit, touch to adjust and allow AutoLock™ technology to hold it in place while the patient sleeps soundly. 

F&P Masks

F&P Evora™ Full

Performance with minimal contact. The latest compact full-face CPAP mask from F&P Healthcare features a floating seal and stability wings.


*as compared to the F&P 850™ System