Optiflow high flow therapy device

Delivering a mobile, uninterrupted
broader range of Optiflow High Flow Therapy. 

View: AirvoTM 2 versus Airvo 3 comparison table

Integrated battery. 

Enables 40* minutes of operating time to facilitate transport and patient mobilisation throughout the hospital environment, minimizing therapy interruption.

*typical operating time.


at your fingertips.

Bright, colorful touch screen –
designed to be our most intuitive and
easy-to-use interface ever. 


High pressure
oxygen input.

An integrated blender with high-pressure oxygen input enables precise Fi02 adjustment directly on the device, automatically adjusting oxygen input to meet target Fi02.



Backwards compatibility.

Compatible with existing Airvo 2 consumables, facilitating integration into an Airvo 2 fleet.


decision making.

Real-time respiratory parameters,
and 24 hours of trend data, to monitor patient progress. 



Broader flow range. 

Flow range extended* from 2 to 70 L/min to treat a wider group of patients.
One mode to enable Optiflow high flow applications across adult and pediatric applications. 

*compared with the Airvo 2


Introducing the
removable elbow.


You have two options for reprocessing the Airvo 3:

  1. ​replace the removable elbow*

  2. ​use the disinfection kit.  

*which is reprocessed via a washer-disinfector. 



               Airvo 3 specifications sheet                              


Airvo 3 video user guides

Airvo 3 Optiflow high flow set up (US)

Airvo 3 high flow setup

This video describes how to setup an Airvo 3 for a new patient. 
Airvo 3 Optiflow high flow therapy (US)

Airvo 3 use  

This video describes navigating the menu system to choose the appropriate settings for your patient.  
Airvo 3 Reprocessing Red Tube  (US)

Airvo 3 red tube disinfection 

This video describes how to reprocess the Airvo 3 between patients. 

Optiflow high flow therapy interfaces 

Optiflow 3S
nasal cannula interface
57% more stable1, side swappable.

Our latest NHF interface

nasal cannula interface

A customizable headstrap provides a secure, soft fit.

Optiflow+ tracheostomy interface
Humidification for a bypassed airway.

Optiflow Junior 2 nasal cannula interface series
Designed for neonates, infants, and children.

1. When compared to other F&P interfaces, based on internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing (2017).

Airvo 2 versus Airvo 3 comparison table 

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