In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets.
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Fit Pack Information

Learn more about the Fit Packs available for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's range of CPAP Masks for
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

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F&P Solo™ Nasal Fit Pack

F&P Solo Nasal simplifies mask setup and use
We’ve created the world’s first AutoFit™ mask for a more seamless user experience – simply stretch to fit, touch to adjust and allow AutoLock™ technology to hold it in place as the patient sleeps soundly.

F&P Evora Full Fit Pack

Experience Full Performance

Introducing F&P Evora Full, our new compact full face CPAP mask. Evora Full is minimal contact with full performance featuring our next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™.

F&P Evora Nasal Fit Pack

Fits like a cap
Introducing F&P Evora, the new minimal nasal CPAP mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare featuring headgear that fits like a cap. Evora also features a unique compact seal which keeps the mask comfortably in place during sleep.

F&P Vitera Fit Pack

Redefining mask performance
With the patient at the center of our design philosophy, the key focus areas for Vitera's design included stability, adaptability, and breathability. We believe that mask performance is multi-faceted and that the technologies within the Vitera mask work in harmony throughout the night for effective therapy and ultimate comfort. Successful CPAP therapy begins with choosing the right mask.

F&P Eson 2 Fit Pack

Confidence comes easy with Eson 2
To improve on a mask designed for performance and comfort, our development team focused on ease of use, providing you and your patients with confidence at every step from titration through to adherence. 

F&P Brevida Fit Pack

Designed for Confidence. Built for Comfort.
Gaining patient confidence is key to successful CPAP therapy and patient confidence begins with a mask that fits and is comfortable.

F&P Simplus Fit Pack

Experience the full face revolution

The F&P Simplus incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoForm™ Headgear and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony. In combination, these components offer the comfort, seal and easy use that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks are known for.