Sleep apnea products

Looking for CPAP equipment, supplies or accessories? View our range of sleep apnea solutions designed to provide better sleep.

Our CPAP therapy products

We know CPAP therapy because we have lived and breathed it for decades. In fact, F&P Healthcare was the first company in the world to make a humidifier specially for use in the treatment of patients with obstructive sleep apnea. That commitment to innovation is evident in our wide range of world-leading CPAP devices, masks and software that place patient care – your care – solidly at its core.

CPAP masks

Whatever your specific needs, we have a mask for you.

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CPAP devices

F&P Healthcare's CPAP devices work in unison with your mask to deliver high-performing sleep apnea therapy.

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Apps & software

Our apps and software put you in the driving seat of your CPAP therapy.

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Our CPAP masks

The needs of CPAP therapy users are unique, which is why we created an extensive range of masks that is designed to suit various requirements and personal preferences.

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F&P Evora™ Full
compact full-face mask

Sleep freely
The F&P Evora Full mask delivers full performance with minimal contact, allowing you to move and sleep freely without compromise.

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F&P Evora Nasal
nasal mask

Comfortably compact
Looking for ease of use? This mask has been designed to fit like a cap — it couldn't be easier.

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F&P Brevida™
nasal pillows mask

Designed for confidence.
Built for comfort

Adjustable headgear that delivers an individual fit for enhanced therapy comfort.

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F&P Vitera™
full-face mask

The secret to a good night's sleep
Mask technology that provides breathability, adaptability and stability.

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F&P Eson™ 2
nasal mask

Confidence comes easy
VisiBlue™ highlights assist with fitting, disassembly and reassembly.


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F&P Simplus™
full-face mask

Simply fits + performs
An award-winning CPAP mask that is easy to fit and clean.

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Our CPAP devices

Effective treatment begins with technology that keeps your therapy on track.

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F&P SleepStyle™
CPAP device

Easy to set up and get started with your therapy.

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F&P Icon™+ Auto
CPAP device

A contemporary-looking device that is designed to respond to flow limitations and apnea.

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Our apps and software

Get the therapy and product information you need, when you need it.

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F&P myMask App

Designed to support you fit, fine-tune and clean your mask.

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F&P SleepStyle App

To complete your CPAP therapy package, SleepStyle enables you to review your therapy data from the comfort of your home.

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