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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare‘s range of comfortable CPAP masks is designed to work in harmony with the way you naturally breathe while you sleep.
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Our masks are renowned for comfort, seal optimization and ease of use. Here's how our high-performance family of masks ease the challenges of sleep apnea therapy.

Facial comfort is achieved through unique cushioning technologies that contour the face. Together with innovative headgear designs, greater comfort is today being achieved by lighter masks, softer seals and small-frame profiles.

Each mask in every mask category has an optimal seal designed to minimize leakage and maximize therapy adherence.
Easy use

Simplifying sleep life, our masks are created to be easy in every respect: Setting up, cleaning, readjusting and therapy delivery.
Evora Full Design Story

Performance made compact

Watch this video to share in the Evora Full product-development journey with our engineering, clinical, testing and production teams.

Four mask types to suit a wide range of user preferences

No matter how you breathe, or what position you prefer to sleep in, our diverse line of mask designs help you to find a mask that seals well, fits comfortably, and is easy for you to use.

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This compact full-face mask dynamically adapts as you sleep, so the seal stays comfortably in place. It features VentiCool™ technology designed to keep patients cool and comfortable as they sleep. 

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The minimalist CapFit™ headgear has been created for an easy, intuitive fit, while the soft, compact seal sits comfortably under the nose.

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Designed with an AirPillow cushion that inflates like a soft pocket of air to gently seal in and around the nose, this mask also features a washable diffuser to reduce noise and air draft.

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Oracle is a CPAP mask solution for mouth breathers and patients experiencing chronic nasal obstruction. This oral mask is clinically proven to function as effectively as a nasal mask. Featuring single-strap headgear, the Oracle provides users with a clear line of sight and freedom of movement. 

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