F&P 850 System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Critical care environments: intensive care, high dependency, emergency rooms, labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care units, special care baby units.

The humidity performance in Invasive Mode is ≥ 33 mg/L. In Mask Mode, the humidity performance is ≥ 12 mg/L. In most cases, humidity delivery will be higher than these values, with the actual humidity delivery depending on environment conditions, respiratory gas properties and flow source settings.

At the recommended environmental conditions, the flow range for Invasive Mode is ≤ 60 L/min, and ≤ 120 L/min in Mask Mode. Refer to breathing circuit user instructions for the specific range.

The humidifier should take less than 30 minutes to reach the set dew point, but it will get close much quicker than this.

Using a damp cloth, clean the heater-wire adapter with either isopropyl alcohol or normal dishwashing detergent.

NOTE: Do not immerse the heater-wire adapter in any liquid. This product is not designed for an autoclave sterilization process.

Using a damp cloth, clean the MR850 Humidifier with either isopropyl alcohol or normal dishwashing detergent. For accessory cleaning guidelines, refer to the User Instructions accompanying each accessory.

NOTE: Do not immerse the humidifier or accessory electrical connectors in any liquid.


The F&P 850 temperature probes require reprocessing between patients. Refer to the temperature and flow probe user instructions for a list of cleaning options.

The inspiratory limb of F&P Evaqua 2™ circuits has insulating MicroCell™ technology preventing gas from cooling and condensing in the circuit. The expiratory limb has Evaqua™ technology allowing water vapor to diffuse through the limb wall before it has an opportunity to condense into liquid water. These integrated technologies lead to significantly less condensation compared with conventional heated humidifier circuits and reduce the need to break the circuit to empty condensate.

F&P Evaqua 2™ incorporates technology that allows water vapor to diffuse through the material of the expiratory limb. Viruses and bacteria, including incredibly small virus particles, cannot permeate or diffuse through the material. 

The table below shows the F&P 850 circuits that include a respiratory filter.

Circuit Kit Filter part number Filter position Filter description Duration of use
RT319 RT016 Inspiratory Inspiratory/single limb use only 24 hours (or earlier if required)
RT019 Inspiratory & Expiratory Inspiratory or end-expiratory use with an insulating filter housing to reduce condensation 24 hours (or earlier if required)

Note: Inspiratory position represents the filter attached to the inspiratory port of the ventilator, and the end-expiratory position represents the filter attached to the expiratory port of the ventilator.
Not all filters and circuit kits are available in all countries. Consult your local Fisher & Paykel Healthcare representative for information on availability.

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