F&P MR850™ System for Optiflow™


The MR850 system is designed to offer a multi-configurable solution for patients requiring respiratory support. High flows of blended, humidified gas are delivered through the Optiflow™ nasal cannula.

MR850 Heated Humidifier

Key Benefits

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have pioneered respiratory humidification for over 50 years, and the F&P 850 System has been the global state of the art respiratory humidifier since 1998.

  • Adaptable. One device supports multiple therapies for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

  • Effective. One touch therapy selection combined with dual temperature feedback systems.

  • Reliable and robust. Proven to consistently perform, and designed to withstand daily hospital use.

Kitted for convenience and performance

Introducing the RT302 kit with MicroCellTM technology 


             Optiflow+ Cannula                 

MicroCell Circuit              

  MR290 Chamber  

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Airvo™ 2 System

At a flow of 2 to 60 L/min, the AIRVO 2 is a standalone nasal high flow system can be used across the entire care continuum, from the ED and the ICU to the floors and in the home.

Optiflow™+ Nasal Cannula

The Optiflow + Nasal Cannula originated from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's dedication to improve care and outcomes. 

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Product/Reorder Codes

Order Code  Product Quantity
MR850 Heated Humidifier 1 each
RT302 RT302 MicroCell Circuit, 290 water chamber and Optiflow™+ Nasal Cannula Kit 10 per box

      Resource download list

F&P 850™ System User Instructions

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F&P 850 System RT332 Brochure

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F&P 850 System RT232 Brochure

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