Delivering Optiflow™ NHF therapy with an MR850™

An MR850 heated humidifer can be used as part of a vent-driven Optiflow system to deliver Optiflow nasal high flow therapy.


A Flow drive B Humidifier C Tube and chamber kit D Interface System Settings
mechanical ventilator
F&P 850 System
set to invase mode
Adult Bi-level/CPAP
circuit kit (e.g. RT219)
F&P Optiflow
37°C ✓
10-80 L/min§
21-100% FiO2
  Available from F&P  

Tube and chamber kits for delivering Optiflow NHF therapy

Microcell™  options - better* condensate control


(Tube and chamber kit)


 optiflow cannula


*Exact percentage 29.33%, based on internal Fisher and Paykel Healthcare laboratory testing when compared with a conventional Fisher and Paykel Healthcare circuit.

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Product/Reorder Codes

Order Code  Product Quantity
RT332 Heated Breathing Tube with MicroCell Technology + MR290 Auto-fill Chamber + Optiflow+ Nasal Interface 10 per box
RT232 Heated Breathing Tube with MicroCell Technology + MR290 Auto-fill Chamber 10 per box

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F&P 850 System RT332 Brochure

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F&P 850™ System User Instructions

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