MR850™ heated humidifier to deliver Optiflow™

An MR850 can be used as part of a vent-driven Optiflow system to deliver Optiflow high flow therapy.



A Flow drive B Humidifier C Tube and chamber kit D Interface System Settings
mechanical ventilator
F&P 850 System
set to invase mode
Adult Bi-level/CPAP
circuit kit (e.g. RT219)
F&P Optiflow
37°C ✓
10-80 L/min§
21-100% FiO2
  Available from F&P  


Adaptable. One device supports multiple therapies for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Reliable. Proven to consistently perform

Robust. Designed to withstand daily hospital use

Flow sensor technology. Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption

Condensation Control and Humidity Compensation.
Automatic algorithms designed to reduce mobile circuit condensate

Tube and chamber kits for delivering Optiflow NHF therapy

Microcell™  options - better* condensate control

Latest technology

(Tube and chamber kit)

*Exact percentage 29.33%, based on internal Fisher and Paykel Healthcare laboratory testing when compared with a conventional Fisher and Paykel Healthcare circuit.

Product/Reorder Codes

Order Code  Product Quantity
RT332 Heated Breathing Tube with MicroCell Technology + MR290 Auto-fill Chamber + Optiflow+ Nasal Interface 10 per box
RT232 Heated Breathing Tube with MicroCell Technology + MR290 Auto-fill Chamber 10 per box
Resource download list

F&P 850 System RT232 User Instructions

(PDF 0.0MB)


F&P 850 System RT332 Brochure

(PDF 0.4MB)


F&P 850 System RT332 User Instructions

(PDF 1.6MB)


RT302 MicroCell Circuit and Optiflow+™ Nasal Cannula Kit Brochure

(PDF 0.5MB)


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